Name: Mahesh Gurav

Education: M. Sc. Agriculture (Agril. Entomology)


Contact :  +91 8888828720               


Mahesh Gurav started his career as a Manager of Maharashtra State Grape Growers Association, Pune, at Sangli Division and Maharashtra in 2001. He was promoted as a Secretary, Maharashtra State and worked on that position for 5 years. He was a co-ordinator for ‘International Symposium on Grape Production & Processing’.

He worked as an assistant manager and cluster in charge for Narayangaon Area for Reliance Fresh, a venture of Reliance Industries.

He served KF Bioplants Pvt Ltd as an executive, marketing and technical and then as a manager production. During his service of 5 years at KF Bioplants he was responsible for protocol development of pot plants for Orchids, pot Gerbera, Carnation and Calla lily. In addition to that he worked as a Manager Strawberry. He significantly contributed in the Strawberry runner production and propagation technology.

He has about 15 years of experience in the field of agriculture.

Greenhouse Floriculture Management is a keen area of his interest. He is well versed with the technical and commercial aspects of floriculture industry; especially pest and disease management with integrated approach to minimize the environmental pollution and produce with minimum pesticide residues.

He has organized and participated in several field visits and technical training sessions for the benefit of farmers.